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Using Alhosn

How to use Alhosn

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Download.

2. Register.

3. Turn on Bluetooth and push notifications.

You are now ready to use Alhosn.

How does Alhosn use contact tracing?

Alhosn uses Bluetooth technology to record and send signals from anyone nearby who also has the app installed. Anonymous data will be exchanged between these phones. If someone tested positive for COVID-19, the health authority will ask for this data stored on their phone. This data is a list of anonymous IDs and timestamps from the past 21 days.

Everyone on that list will be notified for contact tracing.

How Alhosn works for you?

Alhosn will generate a unique personal QR code following a colour-coding system to determine your COVID-19 test status.

If you are:

  • Grey means that you have no test results that are currently available
  • Green means you have been tested and you are healthy
  • Amber means you need to be tested or retested due to possible exposure to COVID-19
  • Red means your most recent test returned positive and you must seek the advice of the local health authority

You may need to use this unique QR code to grant you access to public places in the future.

If your test results are not displaying on your Alhosn account, please contact us for assistance.


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